“Across The Universe” trilogy review

Across The Universe trilogy by Beth Revis


4.5/5 stars

(Since I created this blog after finishing the trilogy, I decided to review the three books at once.)

The Across the Universe book starts with a really impresive scene, that managed to leave me speechless and completely into the story. If you’re not hooked from there, good luck!

It gets a little bit more slow paced from there, but I think it was what made the story so perfect. You had time to adjust after the first scene, and to learn a little bit more about the ship and its history.

On a side note, I loved how Revis managed to create such a complex world within four walls. Tons of lies and secrets hiding below the concret.

When Amy is abruptly waken up (no spoilers there, it’s in the synopsis), that’s when Revis picks up the pace. The book sailed from here, some small plot twists here and there, and though it didn’t end with a major plot twist, it did leave me eager for more. That’s something, because I’ve read books that ended similarly to this one and I wasn’t jumping around for more (cough Splintered cough).

Onto the second book!

Now, A Million Suns, on my opinion, didn’t suffer SBS (second book syndrome), since it totally fulfilled my expectations and so.

We get to see how the citizens of the ship really are (except for a few, whose real personalities had been out there since the start). We also get a peek into Orion’s twisted mind, which was honestly so fascinating, I wish we could get some more!

One of the things I really liked, is the revolution part. In most of YA books, we see the revolution from the point of view of the one who starts it. But, in A Million Suns, we see all this through the eyes of a leader. And it was quite interesting to say the least.

This book, unlike its predecessor, did leave us hanging off a cliff. Not wanting to jump, but still.

Finally, the third and last installment in this trilogy… *drum rolls* Shades of Earth!

There are some things I didn’t like about this book, like the fact that Amy’s parents were entirely different to how she described them. Or how little it took to make Elder’s and Amy’s relationship crumble.

But, aside from that, I loved this books to pieces. The aliens, how Centauri-Earth was so alike but at the same time so different to Sun-Earth, and so much more. It was a great conclusion.


I have no words to describe this book. Completely and utterly amazing is an understandment. It was a perfect ending to a brilliant story. I did have a mini heart attack nearly at the end, but then it all worked out.

If you want to get into Sci-Fi, and you love Young Adult books, then this is the perfect trilogy for you! Hope you found my review helpful!

Happy Reading!



4 comentarios en ““Across The Universe” trilogy review

  1. Priya Prithviraj dijo:

    “If you want to get into Sci-Fi, and you love Young Adult books, then this is the perfect trilogy for you! ” – I found your review very helpful and reader-friendly. 🙂

    Me gusta

  2. Chantel DaCosta dijo:

    Great review and this is a series that I want to read. I have read Revis’ non fiction, her books on writing and publishing, Paper Hearts and I loved her voice in those, so now I need to read the Across the Universe series

    Me gusta


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