Hello dear bookworms! I can’t believe May is over, it flew by so fast… So many awesome things happened to me this month, like meeting Rick Yancey, getting to know some Argentinian bookstagrammers, hosting my first ever book photo challenge… So many things that I barely had time to read. I know, I know, shameful.

But, onto the thing that matters: which books have I read this month!

First, I finished what has become my all-time favourite trilogy- Across The Universe.

-Shades Of Earth (5/5 stars): Oh my Gods! It was such an epic conclusion! It had everything I could have dreamt of and more! If you want to check my full review (the whole trilogy), follow this link.

Then I read a book by Blue Jeans, an author I quite like, but his book left me a little bit dissapointed to say the least.

-Algo tan sencillo como decir te quiero (3/5 stars): Such a meh kind of book, that I have literally nothing to say about it. It didn’t leave waiting for more, I didn’t feel connected to none of the characters… Don’t think I’ll ever read the second book.

After that I read two book by Haruki Murakami, by reccomendation of my mum. I’ll never regret that decision, his books are seriously a new level of genius.

-South of the border, West of the Sun (3.5/5 stars): Super fast paced book with a great plot. Kinda hated some of the characters which ruined it for me. For full review follow this link.

-Kafka on the shore (4/5 stars): I swear, this book made me fall in love with the way Murakami writes. He could be telling you the story of a frigging rock and you’d be totally hooked. Loved all the characters. Not as fast paced as the other one, but it’s great. Full review here.

And last but not least… I finished The 5th Wave trilogy! I read both The Infinite Sea and The Last Star in about a week. Oh Rick… you’re such an amazing writer and person. It was so nice meeting you!

-The Infinite Sea (4.5/5 stars): Perfect second book! I specially loved Ringer’s chapters, it made me love her ten times more. A little bit confusing at times, but great still! Follow this link for full review.

-The Last Star (5/5 stars): OH MY GOSH. I’m still suffering and mourning after this books. This and Shades of Earth are at the top of my Last Book’s list. Click here for full review.

So, in reality, it wasn’t that bad of a month. I managed to read 6 books in between of all the stuff going on on my life. I’m still behind on my reading challenge, but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up this month.

What have you read this month? I want to know!


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