Review “The Last Star”

The Last Star (The 5th Wave #3) by Rick Yancey

Rating: 5/5 stars

The Last Star is the final installment in The 5th Wave trilogy. It takes place right after the events of The Infinite Sea (click here for my review!).

OH MY GOSH! What a great book! Such a perfect and  shocking ending. I’m still mourning so this may be kind of messy.

First, the storyline. One word: amazing. Really well thought. It did leave some plot holes, like why did the Others invade the Earth? How did they manage to do it? Apart from that, I don’t have anything to say. It brought all the pieces together (except for those I mentioned), and left me so heart-broken.

Then, the characters. All important characters were already introduced and developed, but there still was some minor development. Because, what’s a character without ir’s character development? A boring, never-changing guy. The thing I loved the most was how Cassie changed, like she still was that stubborn girl with a big heart, but she understood better now. And of course, Ringer, because she is my fave and I love her.

The parts that broke me the most were Sam’s. He was just a kid, for god’s  sake! He knew how to set up a bomb, how to be a “good” soldier, but not how to read. They were all kids, teenagers, and they had to go through a lot of though situations. They had to deal with the reality of a war. I can’t believe how well they handled it.

Overally, I loved this book so much. I don’t have words to express my feelings properly and without sounding crazy. How about you? Did you read it?



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