Double dose of reviews!

Hello! Today I bring you a double dose of reviews, books cortesy of NetGalley. Enjoy!

This above all by Lindsey Roth is a book about a Christian girl who thinks homosexuality is a sin. Everything changes when she’s casted in Romeo and Juliet… as Romeo.

It was a very hard book to read, because of the harshness of Piper’s family. I’m not talking about what they believed in, because everyone’s free to think what they want, but how they expressed their beliefs. Putting “fornicators” under the spotlight (quite literally), calling homosexual people faggots and dykes, yelling that everyone who sins or doesn’t believe in god is going to hell, and more. I’ve never met any Christian, Catholic, Muslim, or basically anyone who believes in a god of some sort, who was this harsh. I knew people like this existed, but reading about it, it was violent.

I’m not gonna tell you that you’ll enjoy this book, but it is a really good book. Piper’s journey is truly amazing. All through the book, she questions her beliefs, which she believed in basically all her life. But she begins to understand that maybe, just maybe, she can have different beliefs.

All in all, is a pretty good book, and I think everyone should at least give it a chance.

**Thanks to NetGalley and Curiosity Quills for providing me a galley**

100 days is a book about three friends, Agnes, Moira, and Boone. Agnes has only one hundred days left to live because of this rare disease that causes her body to age a lot more faster. Moira, Agnes’ best friend, is too big for her own liking, too big that people call her names; she acts like she doesn’t care, but she does. Boone was friends with both girls before he turned them agaisnt him, before his dad died, before his mother got too sad to leave the house.

It’s been ten days since I finished this book and I can’t form sentences with my feelings about this book. I feel that if I say something it would ruin this perfect book. But I’ll try.
It was nice (not nice nice, you know what I mean) to see a different illness rather than cancer. Progeria, an extremely rare disease that causes Agnes’ body to age foward a lot faster, was an illness I had never heard about in my life. This made me think a lot about all the book written about people with cancer, and while I’m not trying to invalidate their suffering, it would be nice to shed light on other not so common diseases, and it would help to raise awareness.
The friendship between Moira and Agnes is one of my favourite book friendship ever. It’s not perfect, no friendship is, but it’s a really pure one.
Also, I think Moira’s struggles should not pass this review unnoticed. It was a blod move, to incorporate obesity to this book. Handled the wrong way, it could have been another problem, one the readers wouldn’t simpatize with. But, she handled it perfectly, giving it the right amount of protagonism.
But, anyways, everyone should read this book. Bittersweet, funny, cute, it’s an amazing book.

**Thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan for providing me a galley in exchange of an honest review**



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