Inside the Medici Palace – Guest Blog Post

Hi! Today I’m featuring the writer Edy Graziani, as part of the #AliceAngelofTime blog tour. Enjoy!

Obsessed Bookworm World Guest Blog Post – Inside the Medici Palace

Good day everyone and thanks for joining me here on Obsessed Bookworm World, guest blogging on the Alice-Angel of Time blog tour, the theme, A Virtual Tuscany Tour with Ali and Claudio. This global event is happening to celebrate the launch of my newest release, published by Morning Rain Publishing. Almost two years to the day after Alice of the Rocks, my debut novel was launched here in Canada, the conclusion of Alice and Claudio’s journey is available for all to read.

Of course, a huge thank you goes out to Priya Prithviraj of for organizing all the events and Jennifer Jaquith of Morning Rain Publishing – – check out the Writerly Yours website for a detailed schedule of past and future blog tour events – there is still lots to come!

In the meantime, I would like to share some inspirational pics with you – they are pictures taken by me, this summer when I travelled through Italy. Some of the sites we visited follow in the footsteps of our feisty heroine, Alice and her true love, Claudio as they fell in love in Part I, Alice of the Rocks. Live every twist and turn in the plot, walk in the garden with them when they share their first kiss, and race through the streets of Renaissance Florence with them to escape the Medici guards. Its sequel was released on September 15th, 2016, and I am so excited for all my friends out there to read it – Alice-Angel of Time!

Since the Medici are a powerful presence in the novels, I am posting images of the inside of their summer palace. Palazzo Pitti in Florence is an imposing building right in Mostrando IMG_1688.JPGthe heart of the city and the inside is filled to the brim with treasures. My first pic is the Throne Room, where Giuliano de Medici sits in judgement – I can imagine his courtiers and counsellors surrounding him!

The next pic is one of the bedrooms in the Palace – Clarice’s bedroom in BMostrando IMG_1692.JPGook II, where she realizes clemency is more powerful than cruelty.


Mostrando IMG_1722.JPG


And lastly, the courtyard, next to the servants’ entrance, a place so important in both books.



Hope you enjoyed the pictures – thanks once again to Agustina from Obsessed Bookworm World for having me as her guest.

Make sure to visit Priya’s blog at for a detailed schedule of the entire tour.


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