Interview with Emily Murdoch #AChristmasSurprise

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Hello readers! Today I’m excited to bring you this special post, as part of #AChristmasSurprise blog tour. I was fortunate enough to talk a bit with the author Emily, and she answered some of my questions- but first, let’s talk a bit about the book.


Every year for thirty years Lord Robert, the Viscount of Marchwood, throws a Christmas Ball.

But this year the Marchwood Christmas Ball holds extra importance.

His daughter, Lady Audrey, has just turned eighteen, and it is time for her to be introduced into society.

It is Audrey’s first, best, and potentially only chance of securing a husband.

Especially seeing as there are rumours that the Marchwood money is running dry.

But headstrong Lady Audrey is not sure she wants a husband.

Ever since her mother died she has been left to her own devices.

Though she is very close to her father, it was often the servants she turned to for companionship, particularly Thomas, who, five years older than her, was always the person she depended on for conversation.

She is not ready to leave everything she knows, and the thought of abandoning her father breaks her heart.

She is determined that only someone truly special will take her away from her home.

But with the ball centred around a masquerade theme, everyone is in disguise.

And a handsome stranger threatens to steal Audrey’s heart.

Could he hold the key to her heart?

And when she unmasks him will it be a good, or bad, Christmas Surprise?

Meet the author: 

Emily Murdoch is a medieval historian and writer. She has authored a medieval series and a regency novella series, and is currently working on several new projects. To stay updated on her writing and upcoming books, follow her blog and on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

As I was saying, Emily was kind enough to answer some questions I had. Here they are:

1. Why did you chose to write about the regency period? What do you find so interesting about it? 

I’ve always loved reading Regency books, but it wasn’t until my publishers suggested a novella in that time period that I wrote anything myself. I love everything about the Regency period, but particularly the manners and social graces – so much to go wrong in a story!

2. What inspired you to write A Christmas Surprise? 

I guess that almost every romance I read is about the man choosing a woman, and I wanted to write about a woman choosing a man! That’s where the initial idea came from.

3. If you weren’t a writer, what would you like to work as? 

Difficult to say! Probably in the heritage sector: I’ve worked in exhibitions, with museums, and for the National Trust here in the UK so I guess that’s where I’d be!

4. What’s your favourite Christmas book, movie or song?

I love the film ‘The Ice Princess’ from 1995 – it was made in Eastern Germany and is essentially Cinderella on ice! I watched it a lot when I was writing ‘A Christmas Surprise’, and I’m sure you can see it’s influences!

5. Is there any character of the book who resembles you in any way? 

I hope that I resemble Lady Audrey in some ways: I love how she speaks her mind, and ignores social convention when it suits her.

6. Who or what inspired (or inspires) you to write? 

My husband definitely inspires me to write – and encourages me, and motivates me, picks me up when I get despondent and challenges me when I get complacent. My mother is brilliant as well; she’s my editor and I’d be lost without her.

7. Did you ever get a “Christmas surprise”?

Last year (2015) I woke up on December 1st to discover that my husband had decorated the whole house! It was our first Christmas in our own place, and it was so magical.

8. Any tips for aspiring writers? 

Write. There is no better way to stretch those writing muscles than to use them! Just like any skill, you get better with practice.

9. What’s your next project? Do you plan on writing any other book?

I’m currently working on a new book that will hopefully be the first in a series of 4 – but I’m not giving out any more details yet!

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